Welcome the the Healy Enigma Club

Stunning good looks, proven mechanical reliability and a great drive, what’s  not to like?

Our club is for all Enigma owners, and although our mission in life is still at its formative stage, we aim to enhance the ownership experience by bringing together like minded enthusiasts.

Please take a look around, the web site is still very much a work-in-progress, we will be adding a registration feature for Enigma owners, a forum and other features that may be of interest.


Free membership

Zuzz Internet will kindly host the club’s web site for the first year for free, this will give us the opportunity to get established.

To join the club, please follow this link and complete the details below about you and your car. You will get an email to acknowledge the receipt of your registration and then another email to say that you have been accepted as a member of the club.

When you have received your acceptance email, you can log in and gain access to the club forum, please use the “Introduce yourself topic” to let the rest of the members know who you are and what car you have.


Enigma Models


Based on the the Mazda MX5 MK3, this model is available as either factory built or in kit form.


Initially available with the 158bhp Mazda 2 litre engine, the MK3 is now also available with a 4 litre V8 which can offer anything from 256 to 300bhp depending on the model

024-P1060572 111-P1070734

There is a choice of two roofs, either the mohair folding hood or the electrically operated metal roof.

106-12790957_10208735963502242_7684929435556755031_n 11207306_1910581659166870_9022754646484746811_n

As the name suggests this uses an MX5 MK2 donor car and is available as a kit

This was the initial Healy Enigma, available in kit form and requiring a Mazda MX5 MK1 as a donor


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